Many Things I’m Thankful For

I’ve decided it doesn’t matter whether I’m doing this wrong – there were no specific instructions, so I assume that just thinking up the things to be thankful for is the main thing.

Wednesday, February 29

  • FollowUpThen
  • Chatting with colleagues
  • When a splash of inspiration surfaces

Thursday, March 1

  • Singing
  • Sketching again
  • Smartphones

Friday, March 2

  • Flexibility in my job
  • Apologies via text message
  • Postmarked dates

Saturday, March 3

  • Cranberry juice and sweet potato pie┬áhors d’oeuvres
  • When it’s not just you
  • Getting to know you

Sunday, March 4

  • Being able to just not do something
  • Having a bit of time to read
  • Showing my mom awesome TED talks