Separation Point (art review)

Sean Caulfield and Royden Mills. Source: The New Gallery

Full disclosure: I’m on the board of The New Gallery

Separation Point opened a little while ago at The New Gallery. It’s the work of Sean Caulfied and Royden Mills, and builds on previous work they’ve collarated on before, some of which was shown in the Perceptions of Promise exhibition at the Glenbow last year.

I really like art along this line, which is dealing with scientific topics – or rather, scientific epistemology, so I liked seeing the work at the Glenbow and I’m glad to see this work as well (different works but they’re in the same vein). The works are Caulfied’s arcane biological drawings of fictional flora and fauna, and Mills’ arcane sculptures that become the lab equipment used to study the drawings. I like the contrast between the delicacy of the drawings and the potentially brutal quality of the sculpture – ┬áit’s the sort of lab equipment where you might be scared about what it could do to you.

I do find it interesting that the equipment is studying the drawings – the drawings aren’t the result of scientific inquiry, they are the subject of it, as if they are the animals and plants they depict.

Check the show out!