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Arts Champions Congress

Another in the backlog of stuff I wanted to post about! In the past few weeks I’ve been having some interesting conversations with various people in the arts community about it, so now that it is a few weeks on I can include those discussions.

The sessions I attended were: Keynote by Ben Cameron, 500 000+ Budget Roundtable, the afternoon plenary session, the “Arts Marketing Collab-lab”, a panel discussion on talking about the value of art, and closing remarks. And I made a stop at the We Should Know Each Other lounge at the Legion. Which was awesome cause I have never been to the legion before.

One of the things that I got out of it was that it was a way for CADA to ask us what we need them to do that’s not.give us more money, and based on the roundtable in the morning and the Arts Marketing Collab-Lab. I think those things could be very helpful, because CADA, I think, could help arts orgs in the city work together much more effectively. They have our contact information and the “in” to get us to help each other that I think cold calls between us – or germinating conversations. AND Just recently I did get an email from CADA setting up an Arts Marketing Network meeting – so if you’re in arts marketing, make sure you come. There’s also an Artist Netowork meeting which I hope I can make it too.

I think things like this are potentially great for building community, and possibly bypassing any cliqueyness in the various communities, but it’s really important that we as a community give it a fair shake.