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Ghost River Theatre’s Reverie

Ghost River Theatre’s Reverie was all that it promised to be in the first act. The music was amazing throughout; I’d totally get the album. And the style of the production worked well with the minimal storytelling during the first act. The concept was fully explored and there was the right amount of exposition. You knew what was going on but you weren’t having your hand held. it really brought the seriousness of what’s gone down in the middle east home; it made it something that could happen here and was very poignant given the recent election and how that made me, at least, feel. The special projection equipment totally shone in how they used it to create effects like an elevator ride and a night out drinking in the city. I also loved the way it was totally obvious that the show was set in a contemporary Canadian city but you were left to decide which one. The acting was great, particularly by

Unfortunately, the second act didn’t come together as successfully. It felt like a lot if exposition rather than exploration of the ideas. The structure of what did happen in the second act, story-wise, was kind of confusing. However, I’m so not a fan of dystopian fiction of almost any kind (I had to read Brave New World in University and almost gouged out my eyes in frustration), so I am pretty biased.

The technical awesomeness – a huge part of the choreography was how everything worked with video projections on moving screens – was absolutely mindblowing and wonderfully integrated into the show. And the music was absolute fabulous. I┬áhope you caught Reverie!