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Kernel Memory @ Stride

USB Acorn by Laura Moore. Photo credit

Today I went to an artist talk by Laura Moore at Stride about her show, Kernel Memory. It features marble acorns (and a pine cone) that have been scaled up massively and have male USB ports on their caps (and the top of the pinecone).

It was an interesting artist talk. She started by discussing a previous work where she carved marble¬†electrical¬†components¬†– capacitors, resistors – and set them in the floor on rebar wires. She had them in groups of a few, and said that it was really interesting how people only would look at sets that were of like 3 — they wouldn’t “join” a pair. For me this was one of the most interesting works because I love the idea of relating to those electrical components as “beings”.

She also showed other works where she had carved marble versions of phones and other electronics, I think mostly real size. Then she started thinking about nature and technology and if an acorn had a USB stick, what would it plug into. Acorns (and seeds, and eggs) really are the “usb sticks” of the natural world … holding programs encoded in DNA.

She also had drawings that were made by the process of creating the work. I guess the idea that the oak trees that would grow is a creative process and wanting to record the creative process that made these acorns might be an interpretation for that … personally I didn’t need them. They weren’t unclear, but I didn’t think they added a vital dimension to the works which stand on their own.